Tech Trek Camper Archive

AAUW Palo Alto has been sponsoring the attendance of between two and seven local girls to Tech Trek at Stanford since the camp’s inception in 1998.   The lists that follow are an incomplete archive of the girls we have sponsored.

2019 Campers:

  • Leslie C., Fletcher Middle School
  • Maya P., Fletcher Middle School
  • Eliska I., JLS Middle School
  • Betsaba R., Greene Middle School
  • Keila A., Ravenswood Middle School
  • Cristal L.,  Ravenswood Middle School
  • Maria I., Ravenswood Middle School

L to R: Maya P., Betsabe A., Eliska I., Keila A., Maria I., Cristal L, and Leslie C.

2018 Campers:

  • Jocelyn G., 49ers Academy, East Palo Alto
  • Katherine L., 49ers Academy, East Palo Alto
  • Rose M., 49ers Academy, East Palo Alto
  • Maanasa V., JLS Middle School, Palo Alto
  • Mia R., Jordan Middle School, Palo Alto
  • Giovanna Cruz., St. Elizabeth Seton,  Palo Alto
  • Roshelle B., Terman Middle School, Palo Alto

Rose M., Katherine L., Jocelyn G., Giovanna C,
Maanasa V., Roshelle R. and Mia R.

2017 Campers:

  • Alanna S., 49ers Academy, East Palo Alto
  • Andrea G., Foundation for College Education, East Palo Alto
  • Vasuda D., JLS, Palo Alto
  • Cristina B., Jordan, Palo Alto
  • Melissa C., St. Elizabeth Seton, Palo Alto
  • Dana S., Terman, Palo Alto
  • Alana F., Terman, Palo Alto

Zosia S., TT Alumnae, Goranka Bjedov, speaker. Palo Alto Campers: Cristina B., Alana F., Dana S., Vasuda D., and Melissa C.

2016 Campers:

  • Dunya M., JLS Middle School
  • Dayana B., JLS Middle School
  • Jessica F., Jordan Middle School
  • Jackelyn C., St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Brindha J, Terman Middle School
  • Yasmine A, Terman Middle School  (2019 Camp Hopper peer counselor)

AAUW Palo Alto TT Campers 2016

2015 Campers:

  • Monica Y., JLS Middle School
  • Coann L., JLS Middle School
  • Chloe J., Jordan Middle School
  • Angelica O., St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Aileen H., Terman Middle School
  • 2015 Tech Trek Campers: Monica Y., Angelica O., Chloe J., Coann L., and Aileen H.






2014 Campers:

  • Allison S., JLS Middle School
  • Anna A., JLS Middle School (2018 Camp Curie peer counselor)
  • Christina O., Jordan Middle School
  • Angie R., St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Karly H., Terman Middle School

The five girls who received camperships from AAUW Palo Alto having a little fun with their group photo.








2013 Campers:

  • Bridgette H.,JLS Middle School
  • Kate G., Jordan Middle School
  • Yasari J., St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Jessica A.,Terman Middle School (2016 Camp Hopper peer counselor)
  • Christine S., Terman Middle School

2013 Campers sponsored by AAUW Palo Alto.

2012 Campers:

  • Janet S., JLS Middle School
  • Titiloa B., Jordan Middle School
  • Marilyn B. St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Natalie O., St. Elizabeth Seton School
  • Catherine G.,  Terman Middle School

2011 Campers:

  • Shawna C.
  • Emma H.
  • Jasmine M.
  • Brenda S.
  • Alexa T.

2010 Campers:

  • Teresa D.
  • Sarah G.
  • Zhengyi L.
  • Camille S.
  • Cindy Y.

2009 Campers:

  • Robin A.
  • Cassie B.
  • Elena C.
  • Kasandra G.
  • Cindy Z.

2008 Campers:

  • Mariela B.
  • Adrianna E.
  • Rose H.
  • Haley L.
  • Filipine L.

2007 Campers:

  • Laura A.
  • Karen C.
  • Iris K.
  • Ariana S.
  • Shruti S.

2006 Campers:

  • Kelly C.
  • Kiana C.
  • Isabel D.
  • Sarah F.

2005 Campers:

  • Sophie C.
  • Jeanette C.
  • Jacqueline D.
  • Kianna E.
  • Esther H.

2004 Campers:

  • Annika C.
  • Taylor G.
  • Aimee N.
  • Ana Laura Y.

2003 Campers:

  • Aditi B.
  • Melissa I.
  • Cecilie K.
  • Ana Maria T.