1/20 @ 2:30– Meet Marie Curie – free film screening “Humanity Needs Dreamers”

Humanity Needs Dreamers invites audiences to meet Marie Curie as she recollects her quest
to isolate two elements —polonium and radium. From her childhood in Poland to
groundbreaking research in France, Dr. Curie shares the struggles, failures, and triumphs
behind her scientific discoveries and remarkable collaboration with companion scientist and
husband Pierre Curie.
Masterfully portrayed by living history scholar Susan Marie Frontczak, Humanity Needs
Dreamers is the cinematic version of the acclaimed one-woman theatrical show. As an
immersive science film, this unique format breaks the wall between live theater and cinema,
past and present, scholar and performer.
Event includes post screening Q & A with filmmaker Jen Myronuk and science trivia with prizes!
RSVP here: https://mariecuriefilmjan20.eventbrite.com
Sponsored by AAUW (American Association of University Women) and the Palo Alto PTA
Council. For more information about AAUW Palo Alto, please visit https://paloalto-ca.aauw.net/